Useful Links

Though I have spent a lot of sleepless nights on making this website, I cannot guarantee you that the information contained in here is 100% complete. There are a lot of exotic pet information out there that needs to be explored and learned. A lot of new things about exotic pets are being discovered and happening daily and though I strive to provide a regular update on this site, I still can't guarantee every visitor that I will be able to provide the info that they will need. There will always be a gap and I have to face that reality. So in order to answer that problem, I am pasting links that I have found very useful in raising my pets.

GLIDER CENTRAL- an interactive forum whose members are infected with Glideritis just like me. =) The members are very helpful and very accomodating and are even willing to be pestered at ungodly hours if it is a Sugar glider emergency. Aside from those facts, there are a lot of glider knowledgeable individuals in this site that will be able to answer any glider related stuff questions. Trust me, even if you have digested all the contents of this site and others, you will still find yourself at loss on how to truly care for your gliders and this site will offer you a BIG HELP even to those almost impossible situations. So what are yah waiting for? BE A MEMBER NOW!

SUGAR GLIDER- the same with the above mentioned. Only difference is that they offer free public recipes on fruit smoothies, veggie relishes and cocktails. Their site also have this "Make your own recipe" feature that will enable a member to concoct their own glider diet recipes plus the nutritional values of each. Majority of the smoothies and recipes written in this site came from

Jennifer Bender's Site- a site which offers lots of information on sugar gliders and hegehogs. The "joey information" on this site are taken from hers.

Suz Enyedy's Site- Suz Enyedy is former breeder and long time moderator of Glider Central. Her site offers a lot of information on Sugar glider care but putting hard emphasis on anything related to "Joeys." Aside from that, Suz's site is also great for providing information on creating "No Sew Accessories/Toys" for your gliders.

Nicole Bustamante's Site-Nicole is also a breeder and her site has wonderful plans on how to make big PVC cages which could really be helpful for cost cutting situations whilst not compromising the glider's living conditions.

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