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Andromache was my first female sugar glider. I've adopted her last 13 February and she was 1 year and 6 months old. You can't imagine the shock that I've felt when I first saw her. Andromache was housed in a pink horrible cage not even fit for a mice. Instead of sleeping in her own pouch, Andromache was sleeping in one of her dry water dishes… and the pouch was just as filthy as hell. When the horrible owner woke her up, the poor girl could not even fully stretch her tail due to the smallness of the cage (Imagine a 0.5x0.5x0.5 feet dimensioned cage and you'll have an idea). And Andromache was walking and sitting on her own poo and pee. And her diet was just no better. Her good-for-nothing owner had given her carrots and apples on her entire life. And as if the owner was not satisfied on abusing the poor lil girl, he would give her 1 whole carrot at this point in time and wouldn't take it out until Andromache would finish it. That means, the lil girl had to force herself to eat the same carrot for 2-3 days.

I wouldn't have adopted her. It was a risky thing for me to do but then again, I have always been a believer of destiny. I've seen Andromache's local online ad and I have to tell myself that everything happened for a reason. So I took Andromache in. The owner was even proud to give me her previous cage and thank God, I'm still sane not to take it.

Anyway, Andromache was just so malnourished and her bottom was always wet….and it looks like she's pulling the hair on it coz her pink flesh is already showing. And she really had this aura of a sickly glider. And her fur had a very bad staining which I know now was a result of her horrible diet. When I got her home, I immediately switched her into a much better one while I was still looking for a diet that will suit both me and here. Please note that I am from an area which BML or HPW ingredients are not available so I had to keep on looking. Luckily, as if God had really poured His heart unto my sweet lil girl, I found that the Darcy's ingredients are pretty much available in our area. Thus begun my Andromache's wonderful diet.

I will post some photos soon on Andromache's transition from a sickly looking to a healthy glider.

I am dedicating this article not only to my little ones but to all the owners, owners to be and to those who feel like one. Please put in your mind and hearts the importance of your glider's diet to their overall wellness. A glider's diet may be expensive but in the long run, it could actually save you from a lot of heartaches as well as ridiculous amount of vet bills.

I hope Andromache's story will be a lesson to all and especially to fellow Filipinos. I have found in our local online ads that they're feeding their little ones with diets that have been proven to be fatal to gliders in the long run.

Save your babies' lives by switching them into a good diet!

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