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About me and my kids

I'm Charlotte and I'm from the Philippines. Currently, I'm acting mother and father to 3 mischievous dwarf hamsters, 2 sweet bunnies, 2 playful mice, one sneaky Hedgehog and 2 adorable sugar gliders. Our family has also two loyal dogs and 2 carefree cats but they didn't come from me so I consider them as my long lost brothers and sisters.

I've been a pet lover since I was a kid although it was sad to say that my mother and father were so overprotective of me that they surpressed my motherly instincts of caring too much with pets. They said it's bad for my health and even told me that once pets are completely bonded to you, they'll become abusive and develop a horrible behavior like sleeping in your bed, messing up with your clothes, etc. Of course, I completely realized as time went by that those are just myths. Oh don't get me wrong, my parents are wonderful individuals and just didn't have the right information so they were able to the tell me those farfetched stories. As for the reasons stated, I developed this website in the hope that I can dessiminate the correct information regarding pets whom we consider a permanent fixture in our daily lives. With the correct information, we will not only experience the total joys of having pets but we'll also be equipped with the correct tools of caring for them properly and most of all, help us in our decisions whether to get one or not.

When I was a young kid, I developed a certain trauma over death. My favorite pup died in my arms because I played dotor when they were sick. My favorite kitten died in my arms, too because she was too young to debone the fish that I gave her. She choked to death. I didn't know what I was doing at that time. I didn't have the right information and so are my parents. When I went to high school, our family ended up on having to give 13 dogs to friends and acquaintances since they realized that they only want 5 dogs and not 18. Had my parents were rightfully informed, they would have had made decisions on spaying and neutering our dogs and prevent them from giving those poor dogs who ended their lives in someone's frying pan.

Now, I already had enough information about getting pets and I don't want history repeating itself again. I don't want to hear stories of abused and neglected animals, rehomed pets, dying dogs/cats etc when it wasn't their time yet. Hopefully, my site could help each and everyone to become commitment oriented and reponsible individuals. I want you to make the right decisions for you and your pet's welfare.

Although my site only focuses on Gliders and Hedgehogs but again, you can gain some insights as to the general procedures of taking care of your own individual pets. I am concentrating on Gliders and Hedgehogs since as I've said, they were my own little kids. They were the symbol of my own decisions in life, thus, I am dedicating this site to them and to all of my pets. Hopefully, I can give justice to the contentment and joy that I felt everytime I had my hands stroking and just simply loving them.

For now, I'm not selling anything. Let's just say that I'm still on the period of getting to know my pets better.

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